This site  is designed to be user-friendly and hence, for most requirements reading and following the menu would be enough to help you find answers for your search. However, to make it easier, we have chosen a few from the most frequently asked questions and posted them here for your ready reference. In case you still require our assistance, or clarification, do contact us. Our team will get back to you.


For Students 

Q. How do I find the right school/ university/ college/ technical institution on this site? A. The site offers indexed search under the following categories: colleges, elementary schools, high schools and technical schools. Colleges are further classified into private schools, private universities, state schools and state universities for easiest access.You may click on the dropdown menu of each categorization and search by reviews, or ratings. Alternatively, you could also use the search bar at the top of the home page.

Q. How can I find the right school, according to the subject of my interest? A. Please navigate to the bottom of the HOME page. There, you will find listed in alphabetical order universities/ colleges/ schools grouped according to the subject they specialize in, i.e. agriculture, aviation, business, computer studies, women’s schools, law school, maritime, medicine, military, nursing, dental, distance/ e-learning, engineering and technology, graduate school and research. We are continuously adding to the list, so if your subject is not here, please check again after a while or drop us an email.

Q. How do I choose from multiple choices of eligible universities/ schools? A. To make your decision easier, our team has made inquiries and researched about each school listed on our site. We make thousands of calls and send innumerable emails every day to ensure that the information posted on our site is accurate to the highest degree. Besides our own research, we invite ratings from ex-students and others so that you have a clear picture about the school before you make your decision. We try out best to give accurate information about each school. It is at the same time recommended that you make your own personal inquiry before you make a commitment, to ascertain that you find the school suitable to your needs.

Q. What help/ information I can expect from your site? A. We offer you all possible assistance to help you achieve your education goals. Besides listing various schools and institutions of higher learning and providing you an indicative ranking, we also bring you information about available scholarships, student loans, student financing, and grants to make your dream possible.

Q. What benefits I get from registering with A. We work with you to achieve your academic goals. Our team works 24×7 to collect and compile scholarship announcements, latest admission news, information about eligibility, finance and other relevant updates. Not only you will be able to compare various programs, schools and courses, but also you will be able to find ways and strategies to gain entrance for the school or your preference.

Q. Does my registration help me in gaining admission in better higher learning schools? A. As you (student) are searching for the right match, so are schools searching for the right students. Hundreds of colleges/ schools/ universities are constantly browsing the Net for leads to students who would excel in the programs they offer. When you register with us and put in your application, this is exploded into the inbox of all universities/ school that match with your interests and qualifications. In this manner, you will attract invitations and offers to apply for admission from many institutions that suit your academic qualifications and inclinations.


For Schools

Q. Why should our school/ university register with your site? We would rather advertise on the Net. A. We have had more than 5 million hits in 2013 and our growth has crossed 300% in the past two years. Your school will gain excellent visibility with students who are looking for admission instant. By bringing your school on the same platform with other schools, it becomes easier for students to recognize your unique benefit factors and your school will attract more admissions every year. Besides, your visibility will increase exponentially when you are listed with us since is consistently found on the first page of all major search engines. No amount of advertising will buy you the kind of visibility our site offers you directly to target groups.

Q. What direct benefits we expect from listing with you? A.There are many benefits you will enjoy by listing with us, the topmost being gaining visibility with your target group and high ranking with search engines. Besides, you would also enjoy the following advantages:

1. Gain leads to prospective students;

2. Understand what students look for when they seek admission (reviews/ ratings);

3. Increase number of applications and admissions;

4. Popularize the programs offered with the right target;

5. Increase awareness about campus life, programs offered and financial assistance for higher education with students;

6. Get queries for better qualified students, resulting in better quality admissions;

7. Attract the interest of financial institutions – based on ranking and popularity, making it easier for student to gain admission in your school.

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